FNB Petro Credit Card

The FNB Petro Credit Card offers unique advantages by allowing you to earn rewards and savings on fuel expenses, making it an ideal choice for drivers and travelers.



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Key features of the FNB Petro Credit Card

The FNB Petro Credit Card is a partnership between First National Bank (FNB) and PetroSA, offering exclusive benefits for purchases at fuel stations and other advantages.

This card is specially designed to meet the needs of consumers who frequently use PetroSA services such as fueling, convenience stores, and automotive services.

It combines the typical features of a credit card with exclusive advantages related to the fuel sector.

Your Ticket to Financial Benefits

This credit card works similarly to other conventional credit cards.

Cardholders can make purchases at any establishment that accepts credit cards, both locally and internationally.

Additionally, it offers additional benefits when used at PetroSA fuel stations, such as exclusive discounts, point accumulation, and special offers.

To apply for the FNB Petro Credit Card, you can visit the official First National Bank website and fill out the online application form.

Alternatively, you can visit a local FNB branch and apply for the card in person.

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Benefits and Advantages

Holders can enjoy exclusive discounts when refueling at PetroSA fuel stations.

Each transaction with the card accumulates reward points that can be redeemed for PetroSA products or services.

The card provides access to exclusive offers and seasonal promotions.
It can be used for purchases anywhere in the world where credit cards are accepted.

Cardholders have access to an online platform to manage their finances, including checking statements and transactions.

The FNB Petro Credit Card is a credit card that offers 15% cashback on fuel purchases. This is a great card for any business owner who needs to make their office structures more efficient and has a car that is fueled by fuel.

The card is available for use internationally or locally. This means that if you are an expat living in South Africa, you can easily use the card abroad.

The FNB Petro Credit Card offers protection against theft, low-interest rates and easy access to funds. FNB Petro Credit Card holders also get a free insurance cover on any damage caused to their car.

Go Where the Road Takes You With FBN Petro Credit Card

When you sign up for the FNB Petro Credit Card, you’ll get access to discounts at Petro stations as well as discounts on car maintenance.

You’ll also get personalized features such as automatic fuel rewards, with discounts in your nominated bank account every time you refuel. The perks of the FNB Petro Credit Card are endless!

The card can also help make motoring affordable, as it offers a range of discounts and interest rates that are lower than the market average. With its low interest rates, the card is perfect for those who want driving perks such as fuel discounts and maintenance costs.

In conclusion, the FNB Petro Credit Card is an attractive financial option for those looking to save money on fuel and take advantage of the exclusive benefits offered by PetroSA.



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