Upon acquiring the South African Airways Premium Credit Card, you are immediately enrolled in the Voyager Rewards program, setting the stage for an array of benefits to come your way.

An annual service charge of only R2.040 ensures that the card remains affordable, while the convenience of replacing it for a mere R150 in the rare event of misplacement adds to the peace of mind.

There are no hidden delivery costs; both the primary card and any additional ones come to you free of charge.


One of the card’s remarkable financial benefits includes up to 55 interest-free days, providing flexibility in managing your finances.


Travel Perks & Voyager Loyalty Program

Crafted meticulously in collaboration with renowned banks, such as Nedbank, this premium credit card acts as a gateway to the Voyager loyalty program.


Here, every journey you undertake is transformed into an enriching experience. In your initial month with the card, you’re introduced to the accelerated mile accumulation, essentially doubling your miles.

Your very first booking can potentially reward you with up to 19,000 miles, giving a headstart to your travel rewards journey.

While on the move, indulge in the elegance of airports by gaining unrestricted access to Premium Lounges.

The check-in processes have been revamped to be faster, efficient, and ultra-secure.

Should any uncertainties arise in your travel plans, the card provides up to 20% off on trip cancellation insurance, ensuring you’re shielded from unforeseen financial setbacks.

At airports, the card’s prestige allows you to invite two guests to share the luxuries of the VIP lounges, amplifying your travel experiences.

How to apply for the South African Airways premium card

For those eager to integrate this luxury into their lives, the card acquisition process is simple and straightforward.

The primary requirements include being 18 years or older, residing in South Africa, having a monthly income of at least R62.500, and upholding a commendable credit score.

In terms of documentation, you’d need a valid form of identification, proof of residence, and financial documents like an employment contract, recent payslip, or bank statements from the past three months.

Once you have everything in order, you can initiate your application journey in several ways.

Opt for an online application for a swift processing experience, or if you’re someone who prefers digital banking, use that platform.

If personal interactions are more your style, visiting a bank branch offers personalized guidance.

Beyond Travel: Holistic Lifestyle Benefits

But the South African Airways Premium Credit Card isn’t just about travel; it’s a holistic lifestyle offering.

The card comes with a slew of benefits that cater to various aspects of your life. Any travel insurance you opt for through the card comes with added perks.

Each ticket you purchase, each service you avail, translates into miles and points.

These accumulated miles are not just for personal use; you can share them or even monetize them, presenting an opportunity to benefit others or turn rewards into revenue.

For every R6.0 you spend, you’re rewarded with a mile. And for movie enthusiasts, the card slashes your cinema ticket expenses by half.


Safety, Control, and Flexibility

Safety, security, and control are pillars of the South African Airways Premium Credit Card experience.

The card is fortified with chip and PIN technology, ensuring every transaction remains secure.

For added assurance, real-time SMS alerts keep you informed of all card activities.

In an ever-evolving digital age, managing your card is a breeze, whether it’s through the Money app, online banking, or other digital platforms.

The card promises unmatched flexibility, from adjustable credit limits to its usability both in South Africa and globally.

Embrace the Premium Experience

In essence, the South African Airways Premium Credit Card is not just a financial tool; it’s an emblem of elite experiences.

From loyalty programs, VIP lounge access, curated event entries, to purchase protection and travel aids like concierge services, the card is a symbol of luxury.

Competitive interest rates, augmented credit ceilings, and theft protection are just the tip of the iceberg of what this card brings to the table.

In a world where every journey can be a tale of luxury, efficiency, and rewards, the South African Airways Premium Credit Card is your perfect travel companion. So, why wait? Elevate each travel experience, starting today!

Request yours now South African Airways Premium Card!