Find out everything about the most accepted card in South Africa and the world, Standard Bank Diners Club!

In partnership with Standard bank, Diners Club presents the Standard Bank Diners Club credit card. See how to request yours!

Unveiling the Masterpiece

When it comes to prestigious banking and credit card privileges, few institutions stand out like Standard Bank, especially with its collaboration with Diners Club.


This synergy has resulted in the birth of the Diners Club credit card, renowned not just in South Africa but across the globe.

This isn’t your typical credit card; it’s a statement, an emblem of refined taste, and a portal to an array of unmatched services and experiences.



A Symphony of Benefits

As a proud holder of the Standard Bank Diners Club credit card, the world quite literally opens up for you.

Envision having unrestricted VIP access to coveted airport lounges both domestically and internationally.

The internet becomes an endless ocean with connectivity to over 45 million WiFi hotspots globally, ensuring you’re always a click away from what matters most.

Couple this with unparalleled discounts on airfare and lavish accommodations, and your travel escapades are bound to become the talk of the town.

The privilege of being part of an exclusive miles and points program is just the cherry on top.

But the music of privileges doesn’t stop at mere travel. Every feature of this card has been meticulously crafted, keeping the discerning cardholder in mind.

Enjoy the tranquility that comes with up to 55 interest-free days. Need your card in a jiffy? The 48-hour issuance has got you covered.

Additional cards, devoid of pesky fees, ensure your loved ones share in your experiences. Stay ever-vigilant with real-time notifications, fortifying your security.

And with 24/7 personalized service, your queries never see the light of day.


Stepping into the Diners Club Universe

So, how does one enter this elite club? The path is clear and direct. First and foremost, age is more than just a number; you must be 18 years or older.

Your residence should echo the rich tapestry of South Africa. Financially, an association with Standard Bank is key, coupled with an annual income that touches the R500,000 mark.

The paperwork is straightforward: a certified South African ID or a passport in its prime, recent proof of residence, the freshest Income Tax Declaration, and your bank’s tales from the last three months in the form of statements.

With the keys to this kingdom in hand, you’re poised to redefine luxury and exclusivity.

Why the Standard Bank Diners Club Credit Card Reigns Supreme

With myriad credit cards vying for your attention, what makes this masterpiece stand out?

Its universal acceptance is just the start, stamping your association with the revered Standard Bank – a beacon of trust and excellence in South Africa and the global stage.

From enticing miles programs that make every purchase a potential journey, to access to hidden havens in airports, every swipe is an experience.

Discounts seamlessly weave into your travels, be it transfers, guided tours, or gourmet escapades in renowned restaurants.

Further sweetening the deal is the card’s monthly fee, set at a modest R120.00. Credit limits flex and mold to your financial narrative, backed by a steadfast interest rate.

Every month, relish a 3% cashback on your invoice, a gesture of gratitude for your patronage.

Moreover, cardholders are elevated with complimentary basic travel insurance, ensuring peace of mind on every journey.

The Diners Club Premium Concierge isn’t just a service; it’s your digital ally, opening doors to exclusive offers and experiences.

From swift check-ins to an expansive network of airport lounges, the world is at your fingertips.

Exclusive flight discounts with giants like Emirates, priority services with Avis Club, and a rewarding miles program with ClubMiles further amplify the allure.


The Standard Bank Promise

Beyond the tangible benefits of the card lies the promise and commitment of Standard Bank.

A promise of uncompromised security for your financial assets, an intuitive mobile application that’s your financial compass, and a bouquet of transaction methods that bend to your will.

The UCont Program stands as a testament to the bank’s commitment to reward loyalty, converting every transaction into points ripe for redemption.

With competitive rates, an array of card options, and 24/7 customer service, Standard Bank ensures your financial narrative is one of success and growth.

The Standard Bank Diners Club credit card isn’t just a tool; it’s a lifestyle, an experience, and a statement. Are you ready to make yours?

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply for the Standard Bank Diners Club Credit Card Online in South Africa

Navigating the digital world to get your hands on the prestigious Standard Bank Diners Club Credit Card?

Here’s a step-by-step guide tailored for South African residents to ensure a seamless online application process.

  • System Requirements: Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and are using a secure and updated browser. Using the official Standard Bank website is crucial for safety.
  • Start with Standard Bank Homepage: Navigate to the official Standard Bank website (typically
  • Navigate to Credit Cards: Locate the ‘Personal’ tab, then choose ‘Borrow’ from the dropdown menu. From there, select ‘Credit Cards’.
  • Find the Diners Club Credit Card: Scroll through the list of credit cards until you find the ‘Standard Bank Diners Club Credit Card’. Click on it to get more information and access the ‘Apply Now’ option.
  • Initiate Application: Click on the ‘Apply Now’ or similar button to initiate the application process.
  • Standard Bank Online Banking Customers: If you’re already a customer, you might be prompted to log in using your online banking credentials. This will expedite the process as some of your information may already be pre-filled.
  • Fill in Personal Details: For new customers, you’ll start by entering personal information such as your full name, South African ID number, contact details, and residential address.
    Applying for the Standard Bank Diners Club Credit Card online is a straightforward process, but always ensure you have the necessary documents on hand and double-check all entered information for accuracy. Welcome to a world of luxury and convenience with your new credit card!

Don’t wait any longer, order your Standard Bank Diners Club credit card here. Start enjoying all the benefits of this exclusive card right now!