Investing is one of the surest financial resources to obtain a return on capital. On the other hand, investing requires having a specialized company.

To help, in this article we present the 13 Best Investment Companies in South Africa!

Best Investment Companies in South Africa

1. Standard Bank Group

Standard Bank Group is one of the largest financial institutions in South Africa. Investment services are some of the group’s most important sectors.


For example, different investments are offered:

  • Investment accounts in South Africa and international markets, plus tax-free investment solutions.
  • Local and international equity trading, such as online trading platforms and execution and advisory services.
  • Personalized financial planning, based on finance management and goals.
  • Sustainable investment with so-called “Green, Social and Sustainable Bonds” that allow investment for housing and renewable energy.

2. Allan Gray

Also among the Best Investment Companies in South Africa, Allan Gray is a South African company specializing in investments.

The highlight of Allan Gray is the wide range of services and products for institutional investors and individuals.


Allan Gray’s main investment solutions are: advice on identifying undervalued securities; investment funds; multi-asset funds; low, medium and high risk and profitability investments; asset management and others.

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3. First Rand Limited

First Rand Limited is a South African financial company that is part of the First Rand Group – also one of the largest financial groups in South Africa.

The company has Ashburton Investments as one of its main investment arms.

It offers a diverse range of investment products such as: mutual funds, pension funds and services.

4. IP Global Momentum Equity

IP Global Momentum Equity is another one of the best investment companies in South Africa.

The company’s investment portfolio includes products and services: share management, risk consultancy based on indicators, asset management, among others.

5. Prudential Investiment Manegers

Among the best investment companies in South Africa we also have Prudential Investment Managers. The focus is investment management for individuals or companies.

The company is part of the Prudential PLC Group and its operations are global, although its headquarters are in South Africa.

6. Nedgroup Investments

We also couldn’t forget to mention Nedgroup Investments – an arm of the large Nedbank Group.

Nedgroup Investments offers a wide range of investment products and solutions for institutional, corporate and individual investors.

For example: mutual fund management; differentiated investment solutions personalized according to the profile of each client; private pension; risk management consultancy; consultancy for financial planning and much more.

7. Coronation Fund Managers

It is a renowned asset management company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The company has differentiated solutions for investors, such as Tax-Free Investments – Coronation Tax Free Investment – ensuring that your savings are invested without charging taxes.

Furthermore, Offshore Investment, which allows you to increase your income in the currency you consider most advantageous and without paying initial fees to invest or withdraw the fund.

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8. FairTree Capital

Fairtree Capital is also one of the top 13 investment companies in South Africa.

The company does investment management, managing long-term and alternative investment portfolios.

According to the company, Fairtree has a highly qualified investment team to advise clients and help with the best decisions and financial solutions.

9. ABSA Money Market Fund

The ABSA Money Market Fund is a South African company whose main focus is investing short-term debt, as well as government bonds and bonds.

Furthermore, it operates in the investment market with deposits and other short-term fixed income assets, with an above-market rate of return for its clients.

10. Investec

Also in the Top 13 of the best investment companies in South Africa, Investec offers personalized consultancy, products and services for investors.

According to the company, the needs and possibilities of each client – individuals or companies – are taken into account to offer the best and most profitable investment and risk management solutions.

11. Old Mutual

Old Mutual is a financial services and investment company, one of the main companies in the segment in South Africa.

It offers a wide range of financial and investment products and services, such as: asset management, pensions, life insurance, banking services and financial consultancy for investors.

12. iTransact Fund Managers

iTransact is an innovative investment platform created by the South African group Transact Fund Managers.

The platform’s proposal is to offer investments online and at rates and fees well below the financial market.

Furthermore, it offers ease of investing, especially for those who are just starting out in investing and have little knowledge.

13. Ninety One

Among the best investment companies in South Africa, Ninety One also stands out. The company operates with investments in the asset management segment.

Furthermore, the South African company focuses on operating in emerging financial markets, offering a variety of products and services such as: investment strategies, shares, fixed and variable income, commodities, among others.

Tips for those who want to start investing in South Africa

And speaking of the 13 Best Investment Companies in South Africa, if you are South African and want to start investing now, you can’t miss reading our tips so you don’t make mistakes!

For those who want to invest, but don’t even know where to start, the first thing to do is define your investment objectives, right?

Knowing what you want to invest in is fundamental information.

This is because it is based on this objective that you can choose the type of investment (for example: fixed or variable income). This way, you choose the best type of investment.

Furthermore, know that starting in the “world of investments” it is also important to choose the best investment companies to have transparency and security in the transaction.

Finally, those who start investing start with a generally conversational profile. As you progress with your investments, you can risk a little more.

And with the 13 best investment companies in South Africa, which you learned about in this article, your investor journey becomes much easier!

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